20428 Studies in Mathematics Education 1

Credits: 3 intermediate credits in Sciences - General

Prerequisites: none

Required: Basic knowledge in the following areas: differential and integral calculus, Euclidean geometry, complex numbers, set theory, and mathematical sophistication gained through the study of several academic-level mathematics courses as well as the ability to read scientific texts in English.

Recommended: At least one of the following: Educational Psychology, Philosophy of Science, Research Methods in Social Sciences

The course is based on a reader (in Hebrew and English) edited by Gili Shama.

Mathematics education has gained momentum in the last two generations as a field of scientific theory and research. The purpose of the course is to acquaint those interested or involved in mathematics instruction with theories and studies related to mathematics teaching and learning.

Research in mathematics education combines mathematics with education, and mathematics education with other disciplines. The course illuminates the different approaches to mathematics education according to their correspondence to other disciplines.

Topics: Mathematics education A historical and philosophical view; A cognitive view; A socio-cultural view; Summary What is research of mathematics education?

1Students studying towards a degree in Mathematics may include the credits for this course in the 96 credits required in Mathematics and Computer Science. Students studying towards a degree in Sciences: Focus on Mathematics, and particularly those interested or involved in mathematics education, are advised to include the course in their program of studies, although it does not exempt them from credit requirements in Mathematics and Computer Science courses.