20415 Selected Topics in Animal Behavior

Credits: 3 intermediate credits in Life Sciences

Prerequisites: none

Required: General Biology I, General Biology II

Recommended: Vertebrates

Authors: Anat Barnea, Gad Perry. The materials include a CD that demonstrates some of the topics discussed in the course through video, photographs, animation and exercises for students.

The course acquaints students with major topics in animal behavior and with the various research approaches in this area. It describes behavior patterns in varied animal species relating to reproduction, communication, migration, learning and memory, foraging and social behavior. The course includes two mandatory fieldtrips that provide guided observation of behavior patterns studied in the course as reflected in different animal species.

Topics: Animal behavior fields of research, introductory topics and examples; Ontogenesis of behavior and learning; Behavioral genetics and neuroethology; Worlds of perception, motivation and hormonal control of behavior; Behavioral ecology; Communication, sociality and social behavior.