20383 Advanced Physics Project II

Credits: 3 advanced seminar credits in Physics

Prerequisites: 36 credits in the Sciences, and Advanced Physics Project I. Students must also fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library. Additional requirements will be determined depending on the nature of the project.

Structure: In the first stage, the student receives material related to the research topic, studies the topic, submits a written summary and passes an oral examination. In the second stage, the student conducts the project under the supervision of a tutor. In the third stage, the student analyzes the data and summarizes the paper.

The project is only open to students with high academic achievements, subject to the availability of Open University faculty each semester and to the studentís area of prior knowledge. For this reason, a student can only enroll after advance approval. Note: In the first stage, students may only enroll in Advanced Physics Project I (20382). In the second stage, students may expand on their research topic and enroll in this course. Students accumulate a total of 6 credits for both courses.

Sample topics: Thermoluminescence of crystals, topics in quantum mechanics, electronic systems, electronic medical instrument engineering, telescopic observations in astronomy, topics in science education.