20310 The Genetic Basis of Cancer 1

Credits: 3 advanced seminar credits in Life Sciences

Prerequisites: 36 credits in the Sciences, including Genetics,2 Cell Structure and Function (single-semester format or year-long format). Students must also fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library.

The course is based on a reader edited by Avinoam Adam and Miriam Souroujon.

Malignant transformation of cells occurs as the result of changes in the genetic material and in control of its functioning, including prominent changes in chromosomes, point mutations, penetration of viruses and rearrangement of cellular genes. However, the genetic basis of many malignant diseases has not been fully uncovered.

The first part of the course acquaints students with the accumulating knowledge in this broad field and with the principles of early and new research methods applied in the field. Subsequently, students focus on a narrow topic, write a seminar paper and present it to the group.

1The course was formerly called Cancer and Heredity.

2or the previous version of the course, From Mendelism to Genetic Engineering.