20262 Vegetation of Israel

Credits: 3 intermediate credits in Life Sciences

Prerequisites: none

Required: General Biology I + General Biology II, or Plants and Vegetation

The course is based on a reader edited by Gad Pollak and Ilana Gardi.

The course expands on the topics of ecology and phytogeography introduced in the course Plants and Vegetation (20112). It deals with the major vegetation types in Israel and their dynamics in relation to environmental conditions. Students study plant species which are the major representatives of vegetation in Israel and the phenomorphology of selected plants. The course consists of six 1- or 2-day field trips.1 After each field trip, students submit a detailed report.

Topics: Mediterranean vegetation types in the Carmel and Ramat Menashe areas; Exploration of the phytogeographic regions between the Judean plain and the northern Negev; Vegetation in various types of substrates along the Coastal plain from the southern Pleshet to the northern Sharon; Vegetation types in the Negev and the Arava; Special habitats water, coastline, salt marsh and bedrock vegetation; Changes in vegetation at different elevations from the Kinnarot valley through the Golan Heights to Mount Hermon.

1Students are expected to cover the cost of accommodations during the field trips.