20252 Faunistics of Terrestrial Vertebrates: An Israeli View 1

Credits: 3 intermediate credits in Life Sciences

Prerequisites: none

Required: General Biology I, General Biology II

Recommended: Vertebrates

Authors: Danny Simon, Sarah Weissenberg

The course offers students an initial acquaintance with birds, mammals and reptiles characteristic of various parts of Israel, emphasizing their ecological importance, way of life and behavior as well as the significance of their body structure in relation to their natural habitat. Problems relating to nature conservation in Israel are also discussed.

The course is based on six mandatory sessions: five field trips (two of which are 2-day field trips)1 and one laboratory session. Students are provided with background material in Hebrew and English for each session and instruction sheets for the field trips.

Topics: Laboratory bird plumage and flight; Wintering birds in fishponds; Breeding and nesting in the north of Israel; Predators and mammals in danger of extinction in Israel; Ungulates and predators nature conservation in the Ein Gedi Reserve; Life in the sand.

1Students are expected to cover the cost of accommodations during the field trips.