20236 Laboratory: Cell Biology 1

Credits: 2 intermediate credits in Life Sciences

Prerequisites: Biochemistry I: Proteins Structure and Function, Cell Structure and Function (single-semester format or year-long format), as well as the ability to read scientific texts in English

Recommended: Genetics 1

Authors: Joel Klemes, Idit Levin, Dror Bar-Nir

This laboratory course enables students to expand their knowledge of topics studied in Cell Structure and Function (20452 or 20214), and gain practical experience in this field.

The course includes four 6-hour laboratory sessions conducted at the Open University laboratory. Before each laboratory session, students read background material in English and submit a preparatory assignment; after each session, they submit a report. The laboratory sessions involve work with radioactive material.

Topics: Transport of leucine through membranes; DNA replication in E. coli; Synthesis of RNA and proteins in E. coli; Enhanced diffusion in yeast cells.

1or the previous version of the course, From Mendelism to Genetic Engineering.