20216 Game Theory

Credits: 3 intermediate credits in Mathematics

Prerequisites: none

Required: One of the following: Linear Algebra I, Linear Algebra for Natural Science Students, and one of the following: Infinitesimal Calculus I, Differential and Integral Calculus I

Recommended: One of the following: Introduction to Statistics and Probability for Science Students, Probability for Computer Science Students, Probability Theory

Authors: Robert J. Aumann, Shmuel Zamir, Yair Tauman

Game theory analyzes conflict situations using mathematical models. This course addresses a variety of models clearly related to well known political, economic and negotiation conflicts. It is suitable for Mathematics students as well as for students of the Social Sciences, particularly of Economics, Psychology and Political Science, who wish to become familiar with a branch of Mathematics increasingly applied in these fields.

Topics: Introduction and basic concepts; Non-cooperative games; Cooperative games with side payments; The Shapley value.