20213 Modern Physics

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Physics

Prerequisites: none 1

Required: Fundamentals of Physics I + Fundamentals of Physics II and Differential and Integral Calculus I (or Infinitesimal Calculus I)

Recommended: Atoms, Molecules and the Properties of Matter

Authors: Yoram Kirsh, Yosef Verbin, Yonathan Shapir

The term “modern physics” refers to theories developed in the 20th century, particularly quantum mechanics and its uses in various branches of Physics. The course acquaints students with this material on the level of first-year university Physics courses in Israel and abroad, without requiring in-depth Mathematics knowledge or extensive knowledge of classical physics. The course is intended for Physics and Chemistry students as well as for those interested in taking only a few courses in the Natural Sciences.

Topics: The end of classical physics; The wave-particle duality; Quantization of energy in atomic systems; Waves and wave equations; The Uncertainty Principle; Schroedinger equation; Solutions to the Schroedinger equation; Atomic structure; The nucleus of the atom; Nuclear processes; Elementary particles.

1Students who took 5-point high-school Physics and Mathematics and passed with high grades (within the last 5 years), are advised to contact a Physics advisor before enrolling.