20116 World of Chemistry 1

Credits: 4 introductory credits in Chemistry

Prerequisites: none

The course is based on a translation of the telecourse “World of Chemistry” by Gilbert Castellan, Nava Ben-Zvi and Isidore Adler; and on World of Chemistry: Guide and Additions, by Ahuva Leopold, Itzhak Dotan, Chava Gal and Dorota Czarkie.

This course is intended for students focusing on Chemistry and Life Sciences who lack background in Chemistry, for students whose program of studies requires only basic knowledge in Chemistry, and for students focusing on the Humanities and the Social Sciences interested in expanding their knowledge of Natural Sciences within the framework of elective courses. The course is recommended as a preparatory course for General Chemistry (20437) and General Chemistry I (20470).

The five parts of the course are accompanied by films (on DVD), which are an integral part of the materials. The films include interviews with world-renowned scientists, laboratory demonstrations, computerized animation at the molecular level and presentation of chemical events related to society and technology. The films are accompanied by pre- and post-viewing activities, and are mandatory.

Topics: Introduction: An overview of Chemistry and its scientific methods; From atoms to molecules: The building blocks of matter – atoms, molecules and evidence of their existence and creation; Molecules in action: Discussion of chemical reactions, factors that affect them, systems in which they exist and their products; From micro to macro: Discussion and analysis of global systems – the atmosphere, geochemistry, minerals and metals; Carbon in natural and synthetic systems: Uniqueness of carbon compounds – natural and man-made, from simple molecules to complex polymers.

1There is some overlap in the content of this and other courses. For details, see Overlapping Courses.