14299 Thesis Seminar for Academic Writing in Cultural Studies

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Cultural Studies

Prerequisites: 24 credits (with a grade point average of 90 or above and having submitted at least one seminar paper), including the following courses: Society, Culture and Representation; Theories and Approaches in Cultural Studies; Anthropological and Sociological Approaches to Cultural Studies; Multiculturalism in Israel; Qualitative Research Methods (MA); as well as three of the core courses in the program. Enrollment in the seminar is subject to the approval of the thesis track admission committee.

The seminar trains students in the program to write a research proposal for a thesis in Cultural Studies.

The seminar introduces students to a wide range of methods used in cultural studies and in culture research (qualitative, interpretative, quantitative, comparative). Its aim is to help students to find their research path, and choose the research methods they will use in their thesis. In the course of the seminar, students read articles focusing on different research methods, and analyze articles that exemplify the use of various methods. Students also begin to work on a preliminary draft of their thesis proposal, with assignments dedicated to drafting the different parts of the proposal.

The seminar is mandatory for students accepted to the thesis track.