14199 Project in Education

No credits

Prerequisites for submitting a proposal: At least 24 credits, including three basic courses: Theories of Learning and Instruction, Curriculum Development and Implementation, Research Methods in Education, and three courses in the area of specialization including one seminar. Enrollment is conditional on approval of the project proposal by the Graduate Studies Committee or by the coordinator responsible for theses and projects in the department.

Students studying in the non-thesis track must decide on a topic for a project and select an advisor. They then prepare a project proposal and submit it, approved by the advisor, to the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee. Students must register for a project within two months after approval of the proposal by the Committee, and no later than six months after completion of courses towards the degree.

The scope of the project is the equivalent to two seminar papers. It can be theoretical or applied. The project must be completed within one academic year.

The website of the MA in Education: Technologies and Learning Systems provides a list of potential project advisors and their fields of interest, details the registration process and provides additional guidelines related to the project. To receive assistance in finding an advisor or additional information about the process, students are advised to contact the Thesis and Project Coordinator.