14198 Thesis in Education

No credits

Prerequisites for candidacy for the thesis track: At least 24 credits with a GPA of 90 and above, including three basic courses: Theories of Learning and Instruction, Curriculum Development and Implementation, Research Methods in Education, and three courses in the area of specialization including one seminar. Enrollment is conditional on approval of the thesis proposal by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Students accepted to the thesis track and whose candidacy was approved by the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee are entitled to write a proposal in coordination with a faculty member willing to serve as their thesis supervisor. Following approval by the supervisor, the student submits the thesis proposal to the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee. The Committee examines the proposal and decides whether to approve it. Students must register for a thesis within two months after approval of the proposal by the Committee, and no later than six months after completion of courses towards the degree.

Thesis topics must be innovative from a research perspective, anchored in theory and demonstrate knowledge acquired by students during their studies. The thesis should reflect acquaintance with theoretical and empirical knowledge in the field, studentsí ability to plan a research scheme that answers their research question, their familiarity with accepted research tools in education, creative and independent thinking, the ability to process scientific data and their scientific writing skills. The thesis must be completed within two years and upon completion the student will be required to present the findings to an audience.

The website of the MA in Education: Technologies and Learning Systems provides a list of potential thesis supervisors and their fields of interest, details the registration process and provides additional guidelines related to the thesis. To receive assistance in finding a thesis supervisor or additional information about the process, students are advised to contact the Thesis and Project Coordinator.