14197 Final Exam in Education (Learning Systems)

No credits

Prerequisites: 44 credits (not including qualifying courses)

Students in the non-thesis track who have completed all course requirements in the Learning Systems specialization and accumulated at least 44 credits in the program (not including qualifying courses) are entitled to sign up for the final exam. The exam is administered once at the end of each fall and spring semester. Students may take the exam only in the semester in which they have enrolled for it. Students who take the exam may not register for a final project or for a thesis, irrespective of whether they passed the exam.

The exam is based on all basic courses and on the courses taken in the studentís area of specialization. The first part of the exam tests studentsí knowledge of material from courses taken (excluding seminar courses), and includes integrative questions pertaining to a specific learning system. The second part relates to the two seminar courses the student has taken. Further details about the exam and its administrative aspects can be found on the website of the MA in Education: Technologies and Learning Systems.