14018 Organizational Change in Learning Systems 1

Credits: 4 graduate credits in Education / Learning Systems or in Educational Administration, Policy and Leadership

Prerequisites for Education: Technologies and Learning Systems: Research Methods in Education, Curriculum Development and Implementation, Theories of Learning and Instruction, Evaluation in Education: Theory and Practice

Prerequisites for Educational Administration: Research Methods in Education, Theories of Learning and Instruction, Evaluation in Education: Theory and Practice

The course is based on Management Theories for Educational Change, by K. Morrison (London: Sage, 1998); on a reader edited by Orit Avidov and Sarah Guri-Rosenblit; and on reports on reform in the Israeli educational system.

The course analyzes the complexity of implementing change in social systems in general, and educational systems in particular. In recent decades, educational systems worldwide, including in Israel, have undergone profound reform and have faced challenges emanating from social, political, technological and economic forces. The difficulties, obstacles and complexities of managing change in learning systems are portrayed and discussed through a wide array of articles and primary sources that document various reforms and changes in Israel and worldwide.

Topics: Introduction: Diverse organizational systems definitions and concepts; Policy and decision-making; Dilemmas and obstacles in implementing change in social and educational systems; Leadership issues in managing change in education; Reform in learning organizations past, present and future.

1Students must write a seminar paper in this course.