14012 Developing Curricula in Various Subject Matters: Theory and Practice 1

Credits: 4 graduate credits in Education / Learning Systems

Prerequisites: Curriculum Development and Implementation, Research Methods in Education, Evaluation in Education: Theory and Practice, Theories of Learning and Instruction, Approaches to Curriculum Planning and Evaluation

The course is based on two readers (in Hebrew and English), edited by Amira Rom and Sarah Guri-Rosenblit.

This applied course rests on theoretical knowledge gained by students in earlier courses. Students examine curricula in varied fields, analyze the curriculum as a finished product and evaluate the curriculum planning, development and implementation stages. As part of the course, students plan and design a small-scale curriculum including all the components that characterize a full-fledged curriculum.

Objectives: Application of theoretical and research knowledge in the area of curriculum development; Designing curricula: implementation of the different approaches to developing and operating curricula while addressing a complex array of factors; Examination and evaluation of existing curricula in accordance with analysis and assessment models; Revision and improvement of existing curricula to align them with innovations in education.

Topics: Examining existing curricula; Theoretical and judgmental schemes for curriculum analysis; Evaluating existing curricula; Curriculum planning and design; Designing an implementation and assessment scheme for experimental and unique curricula.

1Students must write a seminar paper in this course.