14002 Instructional Design and Evaluation of Computer Environments

Credits: 4 graduate credits in Education / Learning Technologies

Prerequisites: Research Methods in Education, Curriculum Development and Implementation, Theories of Learning and Instruction, Technology and Learning

The course is based on materials written by Yoram Eshet and Ronen Hammer; on a reader, videotaped lectures, and databases.

Objectives: To provide in-depth understanding of learning processes in computerized learning environments and the principles guiding knowledgeable design and analysis of such environments. The course is managed as a fully online learning environment, in which tools for cooperative learning are extensively used; it combines hands-on experience with a wide variety of computer-based learning environments.

Topics: Pedagogical paradigms in the design of technology-intensive learning environments; Hypermedia and design of computerized learning environments; Digital language designing user interfaces; Digital databases principles of organizing data and designing databases; Simulations tools for designing mental models.