13039 Performance Appraisal at Work: Evolution and Change

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Business Administration / Organizational Behavior in Management

Prerequisite: Management and Organizational Behavior

Authors: Aharon Tziner, Edna Rabenu

Development coordinator: Batia Ben-Hador

Editor: Adi Ziltser

Objectives: To provide students with an understanding of the role of performance appraisal in human resource management in the organization as well as a critical view of scientific changes in performance appraisal in the course of its development as a knowledge field.

Topics: Basic concepts in performance, measurement and appraisal; distinguishing between performance appraisal and job evaluation; a survey of the goals of performance appraisal in relation to other organizational behavior and human resource management issues; influence of the intra-organizational environment on performance appraisal; influence of the extra-organizational environment on performance appraisal; the human process of performance appraisal; performance appraisal decisions; assessing the economic effectiveness and efficiency of performance appraisal; stages in the development of performance appraisal; development and assimilation of a performance appraisal system; work team performance appraisal; future research directions.