12190 Methodological Seminar for Democracy Studies 1

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Democracy Studies / Society and Politics or Communication and Culture or History, Education and Citizenship

Prerequisites: At least 20 credits in Democracy Studies, including a seminar paper, with a GPA of 85 and above

Author: Yagil Levy

The seminar is designed for students who intend to write a research project and a Masterís thesis. For students in the thesis track, it is a prerequisite to submitting a proposal. It provides methodological tools needed for writing a research proposal. The seminar combines an introduction to basic concepts with practical training in writing the major components of a research proposal. In the course of the seminar, studentsí skills will be improved and their ability to meet the departmental requirements of a thesis will be assessed. The course includes six tutorial sessions.

Final assignment: Students in the non-thesis track are required to submit a full proposal for their research project; students in the thesis track are required to submit a shortened version of their thesis proposal.

1Students who took Methodological Workshop for Writing a Thesis (91458) may not take this course.