10952 Seminar for Outstanding Students in Philosophy

Credits: 4 advanced credits in Philosophy or in Cognitive Science

Prerequisites: 36 credits, including Introduction to Logic, Problems in Moral Philosophy, Greek Philosophy: Thales to Aristotle, From Descartes to Hume, and one of the following: Philosophy of Science or Contemporary Philosophy of Mind.1 Students must also fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library.

Objectives: The seminar is designed for outstanding students in philosophy, and for those who have been accepted to the excellence track in the cognitive science program. A philosophical issue is studied through contemporary research, and students will acquire tools for high-level philosophical work.

Topic and structure: A philosophical issue is examined through contemporary research provided in a collection of articles. The seminar is taught by faculty members in philosophy. Visiting lecturers may occasionally be invited to present their research. The topic is determined each year in accordance with the instructor’s area of expertise and varies from year to year. The first stage of the seminar consists of a review of the topic, and students are guided in reading the articles. The second stage consists of critical discussions and student presentations. Students are required to write short assignments during the semester, and submit either a seminar paper or a pro-seminar paper.

1Up to 20 students with an average of 85 and above in Philosophy courses will be accepted to the seminar. If more than 20 students apply, the students with the highest grades will be accepted.