10800 Law of Contracts

Credits: 6 introductory credits in Management or in Law

Prerequisites: none

Authors: Gabriela Shalev (First and Updated edition); Liat Netzer (participant, updated edition, vols. 1 and 2)

Objectives: To introduce the student to the accepted legal methodology that integrates relevant statutory provisions together with the supreme court decisions which interpreted and applied them, taking into account legal literature in the area of law of contracts; To acquaint the student with the legal principles underlying law of contracts and their practical application; To acquaint the student with Israeli law of contracts and examine it as a harmonious system of regulations derived from underlying principles; To provide the necessary tools for solving practical problems in law of contracts.

Topics: Introduction and general principles; Making of contract; Form of contract, interpretation of contract and supplementary particulars; Rescission of contract by reason of defect when making it; Conditional contract; Invalid contract; Contract in favor of a third party; Breach of contract and frustration of contract; Enforcement and rescission of contract; Compensation; Standard contracts and exemption stipulations.