10794 Intermediate Macroeconomics II

Credits: 3 intermediate credits in Social Sciences/Economics

Prerequisites: Macroeconomics I

Course development: Dr. Yishay Maoz (author), Ronit Tivon (assistant), Hava Neuman (editor)

Consultants: Prof. Benny Bental, Dr. Dror Goldberg, Dr. Moshe Hazan, Dr. Avi Simhon

Objectives: Components of the macroeconomic system which are introduced in Macroeconomics I are integrated into an inclusive model of the market in Macroeconomics II, allowing for analysis of the interrelationships between them. Familiarization with this model allows for comprehensive analysis of the way in which actions such as expanding the government budget, changing the interest rate in the market, and technological improvement affect the market as a whole, as well as its various components.

  • General balance in a closed market: the classic case
  • General balance in an open market: the Keynesian case
  • Open market: foundations
  • General balance in an open market
  • Inflation
  • Unemployment