10777 Technology and innovation management

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Management

Prerequisite: none

Author: Yoram Kalman

The effective management of technology and innovation is critical to the success of organizations in every sector, including high tech, traditional industries, nonprofits, government, and others. The course focuses on the effective management of knowledge-intensive organizations, where decision makers constantly face challenges related to product, process, service, and organizational innovation. It examines innovation at these four levels, using examples from local and international organizations.


Part I: Fundamentals of technology and innovation management - The social impact of innovation; Innovation in the knowledge-intensive organization; Knowledge and information systems in the knowledge-intensive organization.

Part II: Focused innovation in the knowledge-intensive organization - Managerial focusing techniques; Improving organizational throughput; Shortening organizational response times.

Part III: Strategic and managerial aspects of innovation and technology - Diffusion of innovation; Focused strategic management; Innovation-focused organizational processes; Innovation-focused human resource management.