10767 Digital Music Notation and Creation

Credits: 3 intermediate credits in Music

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Introduction to Music

Author: Shay Cohen

The course introduces students to musical notation in a computerized environment using Finale notation software in order to develop studentsí curiosity and creative thinking and deepen their musical and theoretical knowledge. Students are acquainted with ways of writing for different musical instruments, get to know the MIDI and Audio world and gain experience in writing musical pieces. This is important for the work of composers, musical arrangers and students on all levels. The materials include interactive educational software, films and multimedia files.

Goals: Thorough knowledge and understanding of Finale notation software; Acquaintance with creational procedures (melody, harmony, musical form) and composing for musical instruments and voice; Exposure to fundamental musical structures of popular music; Composing and notating music using the Finale software; Acquaintance with MIDI and Audio protocols and their various uses.

Topics: Notation using Finale notation software; The melodic line; The harmonic accompaniment; Time and rhythm in music; Polyphony; Combining text and melody; The guitar; The bass; Drums and percussion; The rhythm section; The musical form of popular music; Printing and shaping a music sheet; Thorough acquaintance with the MIDI protocol; Combining Audio and MIDI.