10710 The Rise of the Monarchy in Israel: Studies in the Book of Samuel 1

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Bible or in Ancient History of the Jewish People

Prerequisites: none

Author: Moshe Garsiel

The course acquaints students with the period of the united kingdom, as reflected in the biblical narrative and archeological findings, with a particular focus on the literary and ideological aspects of the book of Samuel.

Topics: Introduction to the Book of Samuel; The end of the period of the Judges Ė Eli and Samuel; The foundation of the monarchy in Israel; Saulís wars against the Philistines and Amalekites; The rise of David at Saulís court; The decline of Saulís kingdom; The ascension of David to the throne; Organization of the military and warfare under Davidís reign; The growth of Davidís rule and royal administration; The story of David and Bathsheba; Revolts and uprisings at the close of Davidís reign; Solomon's succession to the throne.

1There is some overlap in the content of this and other courses. For details, see Overlapping Courses.