10674 Early Modern Europe: 1350-1600

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Medieval History or in Modern History

Prerequisites: none

Authors: Moshe Sluhovsky, Tamar Herzig, Danna Piroyansky, Hillay Zmora, Yochi Fisher, Alex Kerner, Orit Ramon, Asaph Ben-Tov, Ido Abravaya

The course examines Western European civilization from the mid-14th century to the end of the 16th century. It offers a study of social, cultural and economic processes that gradually changed European society, including the print revolution, the Age of Discovery, the Renaissance, Humanism, the Protestant reformation and the Catholic counter-reformation, and examines the beginnings of the modern European nation.

Topics: Economics and society in the late Middle Ages; Religion and culture in the late Middle Ages; The Age of Discovery; The early Renaissance; The late Renaissance and Humanism outside of Italy; Luther's Reformation; The Calvinist Reformation and the Reformation in England and Scotland; The Catholic Reformation and the religious wars; The birth of the modern European nation; Ritual, magic, literacy and music.