10666 Taxation I

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Accounting

Prerequisites: Accounting Principles for Students of Accounting or Introduction to Accounting

Authors: Eli Piterman, Rami Yulius, Nissim Cohen

The course acquaints students with tax law and illustrates the material through the analysis of relevant cases.

Objectives: To provide students with an understanding of the purpose of taxation and to acquaint them with the taxation method; to acquaint students with basic concepts and definitions in the Income Tax Code; to discuss principles of income taxation in Israel and abroad; to examine rules for recognizing expenses and losses; to understand the overall system of revenue income taxation in Israel.

Topics: Introduction to taxes and to income; Income from a business; Income from labor; Passive income; Other income and special transactions; International taxation; Other income exemptions; Expense and loss deductions; Financing expenses; Other expenses.