10657 The Arab Community in Israel

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Political Science or in Sociology & Anthropology or in History of the Middle East or in Modern History

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Government and Politics in Israel, State and Society: The Sociology of Politics, Israel: The First Decade, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to the Modern History of the Middle East, The Middle East Between the World Wars

The course presents the social and political features of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel. It examines a wide range of facets of the Arab community, from the points of view of different fields: history, political science, law, communication, education, culture, sociology, anthropology, and geography.

The materials include: The Arab-Palestinian community as a national minority in Israel (Ilana Kaufman); The Arab-Palestinian community during the British Mandate – 1920-1948 (Mustafa Kabha); The first twenty years: In the shadow of military rule (Sara Ozacky-Lazar, Yair Baumel); The ethnic mosaic (Ilana Kaufman); Political parties and elections (Benyamin Neuberger); Leadership patterns and organizational activity (Reuven Aharoni); Territorial relations: Demographic aspects and social change (Rassem Khamaisy); Family and stratification in Palestinian society in Israel (Khawla Abu-Baker); Gender and relations between the sexes in Palestinian society in Israel (Amalia Sa’ar); Education in the Arab sector (Ismael Abu Sa'ad); The Arabic-language media in Israel (Mustafa Kabha).