10485 Sociology of Education

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Education or in Sociology & Anthropology

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Introduction to Sociology, Trends in Israeli Society

Author: Rachel Pasternak. The materials include a reader and two books (in Hebrew): Educational Communities, by Y. Peres and R. Pasternak; and The First Circle The Family as Educator: Warmth or a Trap?, by R. Pasternak.

Objectives: To acquire up-to-date theoretical and research knowledge of the main issues in sociology and education; To learn varied educational issues and analyze them using sociological tools; To develop a position and critical thinking regarding the educational issues studied; To develop interest and involvement in current educational issues in Israel.

Topics: Sociology of education an introduction; Equal opportunity and excellence social and educational aspects; Integration in education social and educational aspects; Community in education social and educational aspects; Pluralism in education possibilities and risks; The family as an educating framework.