10482 Diplomatic History of the 20th Century: 1900-1945

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in International Relations

Prerequisites: none

Author: Stuart Cohen

The course acquaints students with the major processes that shaped the international system during the first half of the 20th century. It analyzes the factors that gradually undermined the international stability that characterized the relations between the great powers at the beginning of the century and led to two World Wars.

The course enhances studentsí knowledge of events that influence our world to this day, through a wide variety of examples that contribute to an understanding of decision-making processes in foreign affairs and security matters in crisis situations.

Topics: Prelude to World War I, 1900-1914; Diplomacy in wartime, 1914-1918; The peace process, 1919-1920; Adjustment and reorganization, 1920-1923; A decade of illusions, 1924-1933; The changing balance of power, 1933-1937; Deciding on war, 1938-1939; From a European to a global war, 1939-1941; From war to peace, 1942-1945.