10350 Marketing Research 1

Credits: 6 advanced credits in Management

Prerequisites: 36 credits, including Research Methods in Social Sciences. Students must also fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library.

The course reviews the marketing research process, from the research questions, the research program, questionnaire and conclusions and implementations.

The course provides students with up-to-date and effective tools for dealing with marketing challenges such as market segmentation, understanding of target markets, formulating and evaluating communications strategy, developing new products and more.

Course Objectives:

  • Clarifying the process and key decisions in marketing research planning
  • Studying systematic principles for carrying out and evaluating marketing research
  • Developing skills for critical reading and evaluation of marketing research results and reports
  • Acquiring knowledge to develop the appropriate research to different marketing situations

Course materials:

The course is based on the following book:
R.M. Groves, F.J. Fowler Jr., M.P. Couper, J.M. Lepkowski, E. Singer & R. Tourangeau, Survey Methodology, 2nd ed. (John Wiley & Sons, 2009‎)

The book is accompanied by a study guide that includes examples of surveys conducted in Israel in various fields, as well as exercises that enable students to apply the book topics to the Israeli context.

1Students may write a seminar paper in this course, although it is not required.
The course was previously called survey methodology.