This course is no longer offered

10331 American Jewry: 1820-1950 1

Credits: 6 advanced credits in Modern History of the Jewish People

Prerequisites: 36 credits, including two courses in history. Students must also fulfill all English requirements.

Recommended: Individual Liberties and Constitutional Structure in a Federal Democracy: Continuity and Change in United States Government, Idea and Practice: Thomas Jefferson and the Making of American Federalism: 1780-1820, Jews in an Era of Transition

The course surveys the main characteristics of American Jewry and the major historical developments which it underwent from 1820 to 1950. The course covers four major topics: the characteristics of American Jewry; Jewish immigration to the US (from Germany and Eastern European); the religious streams in American Jewry; and various expressions of Jewish solidarity characteristic of American Jewry. The materials include annotated sources - some translated into Hebrew and others in English - and articles, some of which are in English. A study guide accompanies the materials.

1Students may write a seminar paper within the framework of this course, although it is not required.