10279 Human Resource Management

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Management

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Introduction to Microeconomics, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Statistics for Students of Social Sciences I, Introduction to Statistics for Students of Social Sciences II

Authors: Aviad Bar-Haim, David Bar-Gal, Yoav Vardi, Aharon Tziner, Ozer Carmi, Mordechai Sassoon

The course acquaints students with the field of human resource management and its relationship to management in general.

Topics: Introduction; The workplace the organizational arena of human resource management; Work and motivation; The labor market and its relationship to the workplace; Job analysis; Employee selection; Performance appraisal; Managing the occupational system training, organizational development and managing organizational careers; Industrial relations; Welfare services management and social work in organizations; Alternatives to traditional management of human resources.