10245 Young Alterman: The Poet and His Work

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Hebrew Literature

Prerequisites: none

Author: Dan Miron

This course traces the development of Natan Altermanís creative personality during the first and decisive period in the consolidation of his poetic style (1910-1935).

Topics: Altermanís childhood in Warsaw; The problems and strengths of the biographical-literary approach; Altermanís youth in Palestine; Young Altermanís stay as a student in France, poems written in Paris and in Nancy; Altermanís affinity to the Shlonsky school of Hebrew poetry in Palestine Ė its sources and meanings; Alterman as a member of the Shlonsky school; Altermanís private and public life upon his return to Palestine; Altermanís early love songs; Altermanís deviations from his early style lying the foundation for ďStars OutsideĒ; Young Altermanís writing about Tel Aviv, his newspaper poems, and ďThe MatateĒ songs.