10229 Selected Topics in Jewish Law

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Oral Law

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Introduction to Oral Law

Authors: Hanina ben Menachem, Itamar Warhaftig, Shimshon Ettinger, Daniel Sinclair, Uri Struzman

Objectives: The course introduces the student to the world-view of Jewish law, by providing a general survey of the Jewish legal system, and preparing the groundwork for a critical discussion of the relations between Halakhah and state.

The course examines broad issues which differentiate Jewish law from modern law systems. The discussion is meta-legal, focusing on the structure of the legal system in general, rather than on solutions to specific problems. The course also deals with the philosophy of law as relating to the interaction between Jewish law and the legal system of the State of Israel.

Topics: Formalistic legal aspects of the Halakhah; Judicial authority of the court: Temporary orders; Law and equity; Dissent; Self justice; Market regulations; Profiting unjustly; Abortion; Mercy killing.