10167 Ear Training

Credits: 3 introductory credits in Music

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Music at First Sight or corresponding knowledge of music

This workshop, developed by Hadas Goldshmidt-Halfon, is based on Modus Vetus, by L. Edlund (Beekman Books, 1994), a collection of exercises, and internet sites for training.

The course is a basic and preliminary workshop for developing musical hearing and for learning the musical terms that are the basis for western music; namely, melody, rhythm and harmony. It prepares students methodically and gradually for core courses in music, in which the required reading includes samples of musical notation as well as recordings that require the ability to relate the graphic presentation of the sounds.

The workshop includes 14 face-to-face sessions dedicated mainly to practical training. Students who require a keyboard for home practice can be loaned one.

Topics: Identifying melodic intervals; Identifying harmonic intervals; Writing melodic and rhythmic lines from hearing (dictation); Singing melodic lines from a score (solfeggio); Identifying triad chords (major, minor, diminished) and their inversions.