This course is temporarily not being taught

10143 Introduction to Linguistics 1

Credits: 6 introductory credits in Linguistics or in Hebrew Language

Prerequisites: none

Authors: Raphael Nir, Asher Laufer

The course is designed to enhance an understanding of language structure and the main processes occurring in it. Students are exposed to the principles of modern linguistics using examples taken mainly from modern Hebrew. In addition, the course examines fields in which linguistics is applied, such as artificial intelligence, language acquisition, language teaching, translation, Bible and literature study, and others.

Topics: Principles of modern linguistics; Communicative functions of language; Language and society; Phonetics and phonology; The word and the morpheme; The lexicographic configuration; Syntax (including immediate constituent analysis and introduction to transformational-generative grammar); Semantics and topics in applied linguistics (including psycho-linguistics and discourse analysis).

1The course will be taught for the last time in the spring semester of 2012.