10121 History of Zionism: 1881-1914

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Modern History of the Jewish People or in Land of Israel Studies

Prerequisites: none

Author: Yossi Goldstein. The materials include a collection of articles.

The course surveys the development of Hibbat Zion [Lovers of Zion] and the Zionist movement between the years 1881 and 1914 and explains the processes which brought about the establishment and organization of the Zionist movement, with an emphasis on political, social and cultural aspects.

Topics: Introduction – factors and motives in the development of the Jewish national movement; Organization, ideology and areas of influence – Hibbat Zion, Herzl, the conflict between “political” and “practical” Zionism; Religion and nationalism in the Zionist movement; Local activities in the movement in Russia; Nationalism and the Land of Israel – Ottoman rule and the second Aliya, Jews and Arabs – 1882-1914.