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Teaching Materials

After enrollment in a course, a package with all necessary course materials will be mailed to your home. To ensure that all materials are included, the package contains a list of the contents.

The major components of the package are the textbooks and course booklet. The package also includes pre-addressed envelopes to the Open University and forms to be used during the semester for submitting the assignments.

Some course packages include additional learning aids prepared specifically for the course such as experiment kits or home laboratories, reference books or photocopies of scientific articles, videos, multimedia titles, etc. Some of these aids are provided on loan and must be returned after use.


These books were developed or adapted for independent study through the unique Open University method. For studies to be effective, the textbooks usually include a variety of exercises and questions - review exercises, guiding questions, self-evaluation questions and summary assignments. In most cases, the textbooks also include answers that are intended to provide students with initial feedback on their progress.

Course Booklet

The booklet provides students with up to date and detailed information about course contents and the recommended study method. It includes a detailed explanation of the course requirements: number of assignments to be submitted during the semester, when and how to submit the assignments, and other requirements for successfully completing the course.

The booklet also includes the assignments for the entire semester as well as information about the course website and computer-mediated activities (if relevant).

The timetable and schedule of activities helps students organize their time. Progressing according to the suggested timetable is recommended to ensure that students have the necessary tools to submit an assignment when required and to successfully pass the final exam.

Additional Items

Some courses require extended reading of literary works and chapters from academic or reference books that are not included in the course package. The titles of the books are listed in the course description in the Course Catalog or in the course booklet.

If such readings are part of the course, you must ensure they are available to you during the semester. For your convenience, the University maintains a stock of most of these books which can be purchased at a discount at Lamda, the Open University Bookstore.

"Lamda" - Open University Bookstore

Interested students can receive complete details of all books available through the bookstore by contacting "Lamda" and ordering the Open University publication catalog, which is updated from time to time. Publications may be ordered by mail, fax, and telephone or through the Lamda website.

Open University students receive a discount on course materials upon presenting a Student Card. Students who received a temporary edition of the materials may purchase the final addition at a 50% discount after confirming that they were enrolled in the course.

Lamda, located on the Raanana campus, is open:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm
Monday: 9 am - 5 pm
Wednesday: 9 am - 7 pm
Friday and eve of holidays: 9 am - 12 noon

Telephone: 972-9-7781845, 972-9-7781844
Fax: 972-9-7780623

Some courses require the use of learning aids for experiments and demonstrations, such as experiment kits in physics and life sciences, home laboratories in electronics, multimedia titles on CDs or diskettes, video films, note 1 etc. You will receive some of these learning aids on loan from the Open University. After registration for the course, you will be asked to sign a form guaranteeing to return equipment received from the University in proper working condition and asked to provide a monetary guarantee (promissory note, deferred check or credit card authorization) as a precondition for receipt of the equipment, and to pay a fee for its use. The monetary guarantee will be returned to you within 45 days of return of the equipment. If the equipment is not returned on the designated date, the monetary guarantee will be redeemed. The University Service Center is responsible for loan of learning aids. After receiving the equipment, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the regulations pertaining to students who terminate their studies during the semester and students who need the equipment for an additional semester due to deferral of studies.

Students may receive tape cassettes or CDs (for example of musical works) on loan. Some courses enable you to keep the cassettes for your listening pleasure. To this end you will find a purchase form at the end of the course booklet which must be completed and mailed to the University.

In some courses, use of the computer is an integral part of the requirements. You may use your personal computer if you have one. If you do not have the necessary computer, you will be able to use the computers that the University puts at the disposal of the students in various locations throughout the country.


note 1 Students residing in the US - please note that the videocassettes are recorded in the European system. The Open University does not convert these cassettes to the American system.