Studies at the Open University The Open University of Israel

Approval of Programs of Study

An interdisciplinary committee, the Study Program Approval Committee, reviews each student's record of studies to determine whether degree requirements have been met. The Open University does not confer a Bachelor's degree without the Committee's approval.

After accumulating 48 credits, students are asked to propose a program for completing their studies, in accordance with the degree requirements. The Committee examines the program and returns it with comments and guidelines, or approves it as a program of study leading to a degree.

All students pursuing a degree should consult with the academic advisors at an early stage of their studies, and certainly before submitting a proposal. Advance counseling may prevent difficulties that might otherwise be encountered by students at the end of their studies. Approval of a study program is valid for a period of five years from the approval date. Students continuing their studies for a period exceeding five years after the program is approved, during which time changes are instituted in the degree requirements, will be required to reapply to the Committee for approval of their study program.

The Study Program Approval Committee is authorized to enforce additional limitations on programs of students who have been given more than 36 credits on the basis of prior studies, as well as on interdisciplinary programs, which include combinations of courses different from the distribution described in the degree requirements. These programs may deviate from the minimum number of credits required for a degree. Therefore, these students must contact the Study Program Approval Committee immediately upon receipt of notification concerning accreditation of prior studies, or when they decide to take an interdisciplinary program.