Degrees and Certificates The Open University of Israel

Studies leading to a Bachelor's degree (B.A., B.Sc.)

Studies at the Open University are in Hebrew (texts, assignments and examinations)

The Open University awards undergraduate degrees in the Humanities, the Social Sciences, the Sciences and Engineering. The following disciplines are included in each:

Humanities: Judaic Studies (Bible, Oral Law and Jewish Philosophy); History (World History and History of the Jewish People); Geography; Philosophy; Literature (Comparative and Hebrew Literature); Hebrew Language; Linguistics; Music; Art History; Theater; Film Studies; Cultural Studies

Social Sciences: Economics; Management; Accounting; Sociology; Communication Studies; Political Science and International Relations; Education, Psychology; Conitive Science; Law

Sciences: Mathematics, Computer Science, and the Natural Sciences Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Life Sciences (Biology)

Engineering: Industrial Engineering and Management; Software Engineering

Students who wish to assemble their program of studies to suit their individual taste, needs, and academic interests may choose to take one of the general degrees B.A. in Humanities, B.A. in Humanities and Social Sciences, B.A. in Social Sciences or B.Sc. in Sciences which enable considerable freedom of choice. Students can concentrate their studies in one or two disciplines, with flexibility within the disciplines. They can also choose a multi-disciplinary program of studies which includes courses in several disciplines. This freedom is not unlimited. The need to accumulate advanced credits and fulfill the seminar requirements ensures that students will acquire the focus, depth, and breadth demanded of a university graduate.

Students who wish to concentrate on one discipline may choose one of the single-discipline programs, or the general programs with an emphasis on one discipline (e.g., B.Sc. in Natural Sciences: Emphasis on Chemistry). These programs are structured and allow less freedom of choice than the general programs.

Students may propose individual interdisciplinary programs as long as the combination has academic logic and there is a reasonable distribution of courses from each discipline. These programs must be approved by the Study Program Approval Committee which will examine the program based on strict academic criteria. The diploma granted for individual interdisciplinary programs will not note the disciplines studied. These will be reflected only in the transcript that lists the courses taken.

Dual-disciplinary programs
Students who, in their program of study toward a Bachelor's degree, wish to combine studies from two disciplines, may be interested in one of the dual-disciplinary programs offered by the Open University. See the list of dual-disciplinary programs currently offered and the requirements for each field of study (in English).

Recommendations regarding the first course to take in the various programs of study, and a list of academic advisors can be found here and in the printed Academic Information Guide (in Hebrew). back