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Information for students whose mother tongue is Russian

The Open University has translated a number of courses into Russian, and adapted the materials in these courses to studies in the CIS. New immigrant students from the CIS may include these translated courses in their program of study in Israel. To be awarded a degree by the Open University, students in Israel who take all their courses in Russian are required to pass a Hebrew-language proficiency exam. Students who take at least one course in Hebrew are exempt from this requirement. Students who accumulate fewer than 48 credits toward their degree in courses in Hebrew will receive a diploma indicating that their program of studies was in Russian.

This year, the following courses are offered in Russian:

Course descriptions (in Russian) can be found on the Russian-language website of the Open University, here.

New immigrant students who are not yet fluent in Hebrew may contact the following Russian-speaking advisors:

Ze'ev Katvan - 972-9-7781388
Mina Gruman - 972-9-7781784
Dr. Alex Epstein - 972-9-7781785