Welcome to the Department of Management and Economics

The Open University has offered courses in management and economics since its inception in 1976. Over the last three decades, the department has grown to become the most sought-after one in the University.

The Department of Management and Economics offers a variety of single- and dual-disciplinary undergraduate programs of study. Studies in Economics or in Management can be combined with studies in other fields in the framework of dual-disciplinary degrees. In addition, the department offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

The department also offers transfer tracks to other universities as well as accelerated tracks that enable students to plan their degree studies.

On offer are dozens of courses in the areas of Economics, Management and Accounting.

The courses, taught in Hebrew, were developed by our faculty and leading scholars in their fields and are in great demand by faculty and students in other Israeli universities.

Course instruction integrates advanced communication technologies for distance learning. The course websites support the university's unique teaching method and enable continuous asynchronous communication with the faculty.

Our students, who reside in all parts of Israel and even overseas, study in the tutorial format (regular or intensive) of their choice. Our graduates have been absorbed into the business community and many have gone on to study for advanced degrees in universities in Israel and abroad.

You are invited to view the Self-Evaluation Reports submitted to the Council for Higher Education in Management (2006) and in Economics (2007).

Click here to vist the MBA Alumni Club site (in Hebrew).

We hope that the remainder of your visit to the Department site will be both pleasant and beneficial.