Management studies

Head of field: Dr. Nitza Geri

The purpose of management studies is to grant students broad and in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in management and to qualify graduates with self-study skills to enable them to integrate successfully in a variety of management positions in different organizations.

The management program includes three layers of studies. The first layer includes introductory courses in relevant management domains: economics, mathematics, statistics and research methods. The required courses comprise the second layer, which provides students with general knowledge and basic skills in various management domains such as organizational behavior, marketing, finance, accounting and information systems. The third layer includes elective courses, advanced courses and seminars, which allow students to deepen their knowledge in management domains that interest them.

Studies are offered in various formats: a single-disciplinary program toward an undergraduate degree in management or a single-disciplinary program with a division of studies in an additional field, and dual-disciplinary programs that combine management studies with another discipline.

Programs of study