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Information for students interested in applying for graduate studies in psychology

Notice to students
Admission test

Notice to students planning to apply for graduate studies in psychology

Dear student,

I am sure that you are all aware of the very tough competition for openings to graduate studies in psychology. Up to a few years ago, applicants for graduate studies in psychology were not only required to demonstrate high grades in their undergraduate studies, but also a high grade on what was known as the "Michael Test", a uniform test designed by the faculties of the various universities.

As a result of the "Michael Test", undergraduate Psychology students studied only subjects which they knew would appear on the test. Moreover, the Psychology Departments grew tired of formulating questions for the test. For these reasons, and maybe for others as well, the test was canceled and in recent years the various Psychology Departments used student's undergraduate grades, recommendations, interviews, etc. as criteria for admission.

This situation created several problems - a battle over grades throughout the student's undergraduate studies, a very small variance among grades which did not allow for accurate prediction, and dependence on variables (interviews, recommendations) whose validity was questionable.

Recently, the heads of Psychology Departments decided to revert to the idea of an admission test, but with a change of format: the responsibility for the test was transferred to the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation. The test covers the material taught at the universities during the first two years of study (the required courses in our program), and students sit for the exam after two years of study in preparation for applying to graduate studies during their third year. A fee is charged to take the test.

As indicated below, methodological knowledge and the ability to read sections of articles in Hebrew and in English are highly weighted on the test. Students may not use a dictionary, however difficult key words are glossed.

To help them prepare for the exam, students are urged not to delay taking advanced courses and seminars. Both require students to read articles in English and will help them acquire a skill necessary for passing the test. To enable students to gain experience in reading articles as early as possible in their studies, exercises of this nature were added to intermediate courses as well.

We will inform you of any new information on this matter.

Admission test to graduate studies in psychology

The psychology departments at Beer Sheva, Bar Ilan, Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv universities have decided that all applicants for graduate studies must take a national test as part of their selection process.

Basic information concerning the test:
  1. The test is administered in October of every year for students applying for the following academic year.
  2. The test is in Hebrew.
  3. The test was developed by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE).
  4. A steering committee including representatives of the Psychology departments and NITE supervises the test design, administration and grading.
  5. The test grade is valid for three years from the test date.
  6. Applicants may sit for the test several times.
  7. Applicants will provide each department with signed permission to receive their grades from NITE.
Test Contents - Components
  1. Knowledge and comprehension questions on various aspects of psychology.
  2. Methodological knowledge and understanding of research methods.
  3. Comprehension of sections from three articles in English and one in Hebrew.
General knowledge - 30%
Methodological knowledge - 20%
Comprehension and scientific thinking - 50%

Nonetheless, the departments are free to decide on a different weighting scheme. NITE will calculate and supply separate grades for each component.

Test duration - 5 hours.

Students applying for graduate studies should take the exam in October, a year before they plan to begin their studies.