Degrees and Certificates The Open University of Israel

Focused Programs

Programs of study for which “focused program” approval is granted within the framework of undergraduate degree studies at the Open University are listed below.

Focused programs are structured within the framework of degree studies in Humanities, Social Sciences or Sciences. Students should therefore review the degree requirements, including English requirements.

Please note!
The focused program does not appear on the diploma. Confirmation of the focus is only provided in a letter accompanying it. Thus, the diploma says that the student has, for example, been granted a B.A. in Humanities and the accompanying letter indicates a focus on History of the Jewish People.

To be granted confirmation of the focus, students should be sure to complete all required and elective courses of the desired focused program. We recommend that students consult an academic advisor in planning the program of studies in a specific focused program prior to submitting it to the Study Program Approval Committee. The program is only valid upon receipt of Committee approval. Approval of the program of studies is valid for five years.

The links below are to descriptions of the programs in Hebrew. Programs, which include an indication that they are no longer offered, are no longer offered to new students; however, students with an approved program of studies may complete their degree.