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Examination Schedule and Entitlement

Final examinations are held on several dates at the end of each semester in two sittings, A and B. Sitting A begins about a week after the end of the semester; Sitting B, about a month and a half after the end of the semester (during the next semester). The length of each sitting ranges from two weeks to a month.

Sitting A - in the Fall and Spring semesters, in most of the courses, there are two different exams on two different dates, and students may select only one of these examination dates for each course. Students who require (and are entitled to) an additional examination date for a course may take the examination only in sitting B. In the Summer semester, each course has only one exam sitting.

Sitting B - One examination is held for each course.

At each sitting, students are entitled to take an examination if they are


current semester students who fulfilled the course requirements as specified in the course catalog.


students who took the course in the previous semester in which the course was offered, fulfilled the course requirements and have permission to take the exam. note 1

Students enrolled in seminar courses and in English proficiency courses (levels B-E) may only take examinations in the semester in which they are registered for the course.

Students who did not take advantage of either examination option during two consecutive semesters may not take an examination in the course.

Students who came to the examination and received an examination booklet are considered to have taken advantage of one of the two available options, even if they did not write anything in the examination booklet.


note 1 Students who are entitled to take the examination in a course but are not enrolled in the course in the current semester can generally participate in tutorial sessions as guests, and/or visit the course website on the internet. They should consult the course coordinator to find out which study option in the current semester is preferable as part of their preparation for the exam.

Examination Centers

Final examinations are held in examination centers throughout the country. On some examination dates, more examination centers are available than on others. The wide distribution of examination centers is intended to enable as many students as possible to take the examination as close as possible to their area of residence.

Notification about Examinations

The alternate examinations dates for the courses are announced each semester on Sheilta - the interactive service to students on the internet, on the information hotline (972-9-7781111), and in a postcard sent to students about two months after the beginning of the semester in the Fall and Spring semesters, and close to the beginning of the Summer semester.

Students are asked to select an examination date and inform the university of their preference as soon as the dates are announced, and no later than two weeks before the exam. We will begin to send out notifications regarding the examination date and location about a month before the exam, in the order in which the requests were received.

Students can notify the university of their preference via Sheilta, the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system (972-9-7781111) or the University Information Center (972-9-7782222).

Students who responded on time but did not receive notification by mail by two weeks before the examination date should check on Sheilta, IVR (972-9-7781111) or with the University Information Center (972-9-7782222).

The University makes every effort to assign students to the examination center closest to their homes. A student who wishes to take the examination at an examination center other than that indicated on the notification must notify the university via Sheilta or IVR as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to respond positively to such requests.

The notification specifies the examination date, time, location and directions to the center, and detailed instructions concerning the examination itself, including which learning aids may be used during the examination.

Eligibility for Additional Time during Final Examinations

Students who completed their high school studies in Israel, but studied in a high school in which the language of study was not Hebrew, or new immigrants who began their studies at the Open University less than two and a half years after immigrating, will be entitled to an additional 30 minutes on examinations for the first five courses they take. A written request accompanied by the appropriate documents (matriculation certificate, confirmation from the high school principal or certificate of immigration) must be submitted to the Registrar's Office. Additional time is not granted on final examinations for the English reading comprehension courses (levels A-E).

Special Arrangements during Examinations

Students who are unable to take an examination under regular conditions due to medical or other limitations should contact the Dean of Students in writing. Every effort will be made to find a suitable solution to their special needs. The requests must be accompanied by the appropriate documents, and must be received by the office of the Dean of Students no later than one month before the student's first examination date.

Students with learning disabilities should contact the Academic Counseling and Study Guidance Center. Notification must be as early as possible and must be accompanied by a comprehensive diagnosis (see here).

Overseas students take examinations in the Israeli diplomatic missions or consulates abroad (see explanation here).

Examination Results

Every effort is made to furnish examination results within 25 days of the examination. Results will not be given by telephone, but may be obtained through Sheilta or IVR (972-9-7781111). Students who do not receive examination results within 25 days may call the the University Information Center (972-9-7782222) and inquire into the matter. Students who do not meet all the academic requirements of the course will not receive credit for the course, even if they passed the final examination (requirements are specified in the course booklet to the course).

Photocopies of Examination Booklets

Students who wish to review their examination booklets or appeal the grade can request a photocopy of the booklet for a fee, up to five weeks after being notified of the results. Students should contact the Registrar's Office and indicate the number of the notification on their request.

Appealing Examination Results

A substantiated appeal can be submitted to the Registrar's Office up to five weeks after receiving notification of the examination grade. Students should indicate the number of the notification which is also the examination booklet number, on the appeal request. (The appeal can be sent by mail to the Office of the Registrar, Open University, POB 808, Raanana 43107, Israel; or by fax: 972-9-7780726). An unsubstantiated appeal will not be considered.

Improving an Examination Grade

Students who took one examination and received credit for the course but wish to improve their grade, may take the examination again at one of the examination sittings on which they are entitled to take the exam. The grade in the second examination will be considered the final grade and the original grade will be canceled. The student will not be entitled to another examination date. Requests for a second examination date for the purpose of improving an examination grade must be submitted to the Registrar's Office no later than two weeks before the desired examination date and must include a declaration that the student is aware of the fact that the second grade will be considered the final grade.