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English Proficiency Tests

Students are assigned to English courses by the Registrar's Office on the basis of their English proficiency as determined by the Amir or Amiram tests, the English section of the Psychometric test, or English studies at another university.

The following table indicates the English level and the appropriate English proficiency course based on Amir/Amiram or psychometric test results:

Amir/Amiram test Psychometric test - English section English proficiency level
160-169 60-69 E
170-184 70-84 D
185-199 85-99 C
200-219 100-119 B
220-233 120-133 A
234 and above 134 and above Exempt

Amir and Amiram tests are English level proficiency tests administered by the National Testing and Evaluation Center several times a year. Students who have accumulated 12 credits will receive information about the Amir/Amiram test, test dates and registration procedures from the Registrar's Office. Students interested in information prior to this time may contact the Registrar's Office. The test involves a fee paid to the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation (NITE).

Amir test alternatives
Students who took the Psychometric test should send the test results (original + photocopy) to the CAA which will determine their English proficiency level.

Students who studied English at another university should send the record of studies for the English courses they studied (original + photocopy) to the CAA which will determine their English proficiency level.

Students who receive a grade below 159 on the Amir/Amiram test or below 59 on the psychometric test, or who know that their English proficiency level is below the intermediate level, must take an Open University proficiency test to determine for which course to register. The test is administered free of charge at all study centers (Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Rishon-LeZion and Beer-Sheva). A self-classification kit which the students may use to determine whether their English proficiency is above or below the intermediate level may be purchased from the CAA. Students whose English proficiency level is below E level should take the Open University course, Bridging the Gap in English (91428).