English Language Proficiency The Open University of Israel

English Language Proficiency

  1. A Bachelor's degree from the Open University is conditional on demonstrating satisfactory proficiency in English. Students may demonstrate proficiency in one of the following ways:

    • By receiving a grade granting exemption on the English proficiency test or the English section of the psychometric test
    • By meeting the requirements of an academic English reading comprehension course taught at the Open University (Level A)
    • Through exemption based on prior studies at another University, awarded by the Accreditation Committee

    Under very special circumstances, and upon receipt of special approval of the Study Program Approval Committee, this requirement may be replaced by demonstration of sufficient proficiency in French or in German. Students will be allowed to take a test in one of these languages only after studying courses in English, in accordance with their level. Nevertheless, it is important to note that English proficiency is necessary for advanced studies at the undergraduate level and for graduate studies.

  2. Students pursuing a degree, who have not yet fulfilled the English proficiency requirements, must take the English proficiency test.

    Students must meet the English proficiency requirements before enrolling in their first advanced course. It is recommended to begin English proficiency courses as early as possible, especially for those students whose proficiency is low.

    Students who are not studying for a Bachelor's degree are exempt from English proficiency courses. To be accepted to an advanced course, such students must receive approval from the Dean of Academic Studies based on the request of an academic advisor in the student's field of study.