The Open University Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication
Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication
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Welcome to the Department of Sociology, Political Science and Communication.

The department offers courses in three fields of study in the Social Sciences:

Sociology - deals with interrelationships among people. The focus of study is not the individual but rather the relations between people as expressed in their actions, emotions and attitudes.

Communication - deals with the role of the media and its social, cultural and institutional aspects.

Political Science and International Relations - deal with political inter-relationships among the varied entities which comprise the modern state and the international system. Political Science deals with political thought, regimes, comparative politics and public administration. International Relations examines political issues which pertain to the system of relations among political players (primarily states) at the regional or international level.

The introductory courses provide basic knowledge of the discipline, while the intermediate and advanced courses enable the study of up-to-date scientific research in each of these fields.

Varied programs of study leading to a B.A. in Social Sciences or a B.A. in Social Sciences and Humanities are offered. Students may combine studies in Sociology, Communication, or Political Science and International Relations with fields offered by other departments such as management, education, psychology and history. Students may also enroll in courses offered by the department as part of their studies towards general Bachelor's degrees in Social Sciences and Humanities.

Also on offer is a program leading to an interdisciplinary Master's degree in Democracy Studies, and a new M.A. program in Cultural Studies, offered since 2009. The program gives expression to the mutual relationships among the different areas which constitute Cultural Studies.

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